January 14, 2008

Adapters/Converters for Electronic Devices

In order to use your laptop (and any other electronic devices with cords), you will need to bring specific equipment.

First, your laptop should come with an adapter on the detachable plug in. It should read 100/240 volts, meaning it will adapt the voltage of European outlets to fit your laptop. Many other electronic devices indicate whether they are dual voltage (100 or 110 to 220 or 240). If you are planning on bringing a device that is not dual voltage, you will need a converter to do it for you.

Second, you will also need a plug adapter made especially for Europe. This will attach to the end of your cord, fitted over the metal prongs. This will allow you to physically plug your electronic devices into European outlets, since the size and shape of the outlets are quite different from American outlets.

Adapter/Converter travel sets are often sold together and generally include plug adapters for most regions (Asia, Australia, Europe, etc). Check out Walmart, Target, or another similar store to find this equipment. It is often sold next to the luggage/travel area of most major stores.

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