February 15, 2014

Travel Week 1!

08 FEB - 15 FEB

If you had one week to go anywhere in Europe, where would you go? Our AMBEXers had to make that decision. Early on Saturday morning, students headed out from our home-town, Regensburg, and made their way by planes trains and automobiles to their destinations.

Here some of the students rented cars to drive themselves to the port in Italy where they would soon embark on their cruise!

Arriving in Savona, Italy the cruisers had a self-led Bible study while simultaneously taking advantage of the warm sunshine on the beach.

Kylie, Chase and Hannah overlooking their cruise ship in the harbor of Palermo, Sicily.


Tyler, Taylor and Kylee rented a car for a central Europe roadtrip. (This was not their rental, even though I have no doubt that they would have loved to roll around in this rig).

One of the must-see stops for these roadtrippers. No need to caption where this photo was taken ;)

Kate and Sarah enjoy the views from Mรกlaga, Spain. On their trip, the two of them traveled the Spanish coastline enjoying the beaches, art and company all along the way!


Katy used the travel week to spend time with an old friend. Here Katy shares a good time with this dear friend, Hannah, in Oxford.

Too often people focus so much on their destinations that they forget the journey. The best memories these students have is not so much the places that they saw, but rather the journey they took in getting there and times they shared with each other. Speaking from experience, the people you are with on these adventures is what truly makes the journey unforgettable.

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