September 06, 2012

What Students Say About AMBEX

Crossing the Austrian Alps on our way to Italy with the Spring 12 AMBEXers!

We're gearing up for an all new, exciting semester, here at AMBEX! New friends, amazing sites, stimulating classes, spiritual sanctification & much, much more are ahead. What a privilege to be a part of!

In the Spring we were honored to work with 11 lovely ladies; wonderful, godly, beautiful & talented women. 

As we reflect on the many blessings the Lord poured out this year, we're thankful for students like these who live out our mission, to honor Christ as we study abroad. 

As they returned to the US after 3 months of living in Europe, here are some things a few of them had to say about their experience:

"AMBEX is more than a tourist program.  AMBEX is a life changing experience, seeking to answer this question: Why does this matter?"

" The past semester has caused unexpected growth, and has presented challenges completely out of the norm.  It is something that cannot be fully expressed in words, but its importance will never be forgotten. "

"A completely different thing to be standing in front of the piece of art, or standing the building, or walking where in the footsteps of historical people. "

"The courses from this semester all blended together in this complementary fashion that has made me examine the way I read books, watch movies, and speak with people."

"My classes taught me how to defend “Truth” to a lost world without being judgmental or condescending."

"Most importantly I have found classmates who have shown me the love of God in a real and tangible way."

"God has … used this experience to give me ten amazing sisters in Christ and a support system that I hope will withstand the test of time and distance.  He has reaffirmed my desire to be a teacher by helping me learn more history than I could have hoped for as well as rekindling my passion for learning."

"My spiritual walk with God has grown more than anything else."

"The Germans have this beautiful culture of tradition and fellowship, no matter the religion, which is really a foreign concept to me." 

"The German culture also includes their food, which I was worried about liking; however I have truly enjoyed almost everything that I have tried. My favorite is of course the vanilla dumplings; however I really love schnitzel as well."

"The Germans that I came in contact with at the Open Door Church in Regensburg have been some of the kindest people and the most welcoming fellowship that I have ever come in contact with." 

"Through our prayer nights we have grown with each other and with our Bible study we have grown in Christ." 

"I know I will look at art, and history and the American people with a more intellectual and educated perspective."

"This semester was important because I got to learn so much from different professors from Christian Colleges all over America; from Reformation to Art History, and Christian Worldview to the Third Reich. My school back in the States, the Master's College, does a great job in every class that is offered but this experience allowed me to take a hands-on approach which is how I like to learn."

"The people I have met have changed my life, the classes have challenged me in ways I never imagined and the relationships I have formed will be difficult to break because my friends here are the only ones who will understand how this experience has grown me and changed me for the better."

 "I was spiritually affected by actually learning to do devotions every night, and actually becoming hungry for the Word of God."   

"The best part about AMBEX is how much personal devotions are encouraged.  Throughout all the courses, my devotions seemed to parallel what was discussed in class.  This was no accident; it was ordained by God."   
" I am excited to share all I have learned with my family back home, but I already miss Germany and Europe so much.  This has been an invaluable experience and worth every penny!"

"Ambex has in every way changed my life."


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