October 07, 2011

Student Blog by Margaret Shoemaker: Reformation Theology Class

           We’re back in Regensburg starting our class on Reformation History and Theology after a week of traveling all through Spain and France, and reading up for the class.  I’m loving the class and learning so much! We had to read a biography of Luther and sections from two other books during our travel weeks, so we weren’t completely free, but now we’re really getting into it. This weekend we will be leaving to go on another academic tour through Northern Germany and major Reformation cities. I’m so looking forward to it. 
I’m really loving my time with AMBEX; we’re getting to do and see so much and the group, all nineteen of us, are doing really well. It’s kind of different to be around the same people every moment of everyday, we really don’t have any alone time unless we go wander around Regensburg by ourselves during the afternoons. I’m enjoying it though, I’ve made some great friends. Our group is from all over the U.S., because most students come from Corban most of us are from the west coast, but we have California, the Midwest, the East and the South all here too.
Our  teachers have been excellent and I’m really loving this Reformation class. Today we had a debate, I was nominated to be Margaret Luther and I had to defend Theses 43 and 45 against Earl Eck and Pope Josh (who even had a hat).  It was actually a worthwhile experience, not really as goofy as it sounds,  I appreciated  having to do my own research to defend against indulgences and seeing all the different repercussion each argument had to deal with, including the authority of the pope, the nature of the church, and the authority of the Scriptures.  It wasn’t as nearly as easy as just refuting the sale of indulgences, especially in a debate setting. 
I’m super excited about the class I’m taking, and really looking forward to the academic tour. I have to find out exactly where we’re headed, or might just get in the vans and see where we end up. I miss you guys, but I’m loving Germany!

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