September 13, 2011

Fall 2011 Orientation Week in pics

We love airports! Especially when we're picking up family.

Munich's beautiful city hall. This building is to-die for gorgeous. Especially love the bright red potted geraniums.

This charming gentlemen let us sit at his table. At Hofbrauhaus there's all these tables reserved for the local regulars... we were really fortunate to snag a spot at the "Musikanten Stammtisch". He was so sweet to show us how to cut the pork knuckle we ordered for lunch. It's trickier than you might think. :)

Heading out on our first tour of Regensburg. Learned so much about the incredible history of this place, and really enjoyed the sunshine!

The wonderful, godly and beautiful women of Fall 2011. So fortunate to be working with these girls!

When in Germany shopping for local gear is a must.

Gelato = yummers

"Coach's" treat

Catching up on some homework and making plans for the first travel-reading week.

Gettin us some grub.

Pizza & Mandy. We like those two things.

Regensburg city of Romans tour. This chapel is over 900 years old. Incredible.

King Max' weekend retreat in Regensburg. This is the view out of our hostel windows.

After picking up Dr. Baker from the airport, a few of us decided to go for a hike in Garmisch. Hiking. In the Bavarian Alps!

Can you believe places like this exist?

Our view as we were walking in the hills.
“Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” Rev. 4:11

Friday we took a break from class and headed out on an adventure. Started out by climbing up to an ancient castle ruin in Kallmuenz. Enjoying our sack lunches while taking it all in.

View from the top.

Morgan talked MK off the ledge... we've grown close :)


Ready to head out.

Paddling down-stream with the ruins in the background. Do I really get to do this for work?! :)

Johannes' boat. He's a wonderful friend to us at AMBEX, and we love having him along on our outings. (and so do the students :)


Just hanging out. :)
on the train to Neuschwanstein... lots of quality time spent together

but HW was not to be forgotten, no matter how hard we tried :)

First view of the alps. I love the excitement of this moment.

Well hi there.

Last leg of our trip... before arriving at:



Traditional jumping pic @ Hohenschwangau Castle.

Cooling down on a hot day.

Tried to capture a pic of how scary this bridge is. Dozens of tourist on sagging wooden planks. Hanging over a few hundred foot drop. Did I mention my fear of heights?

But the view is breathtaking.

A special treat on a sunny afternoon. Riverboat cruise down the Danube.

We love our leaders. Dr. Baker & Coach

Our destination: Walhalla, the German parthenon.

Getting a little history lesson on the steps.

September 11th chapel. United we stand!

Waiting for the 3 at the bus stop.

Excited for our outing to the library.

Free book scanners make for easy copying.

Studying it up for the Christian Worldview class.

Tony is back! We love him oh so much.


kLr said...

It looks like you are all having an incredible time!!!

Haven't seen any bratwursts yet!

kLr said...


I loved re-looking and seeing all the captions!


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