April 26, 2011

End of Semester Happenings

Dr. Colette Tennant joined us from Corban University to teach AMBEX' Art History Class.

After our Art History Academic Tour to Italy, students received a bit more in-depth, in-class details on the artists and their works.

Tony, our kitchen-chef fired up the BBQ, and we enjoyed the perfect weather while eating on the terrance.

Last trip to High Point Baptist Church... so great to see the Beach's again after a few of our students joined them on a mission trip to Romania.

Jonathan offered to play at church for the special music interlude. So wonderful!

The guys stopped for some gelato in Amberg on their way home, while the girls stuck around for spa-night @ Kelley's.

Kallmuenz... one of the oldest Roman fortifications in Europe.

Getting ready to go canoeing! 

End of semester fondue night & sharing.

Dark & white chocolate. Yum!

Spring 11's & the AMBEX staff.

Photo Scavenger Hunt around Regensburg... "sharing a spezi."

"Jumping picture by the youth hostel bus stop."

"Entire group in a small space"... in this case a bathroom stall.


kLr said...

1. None of the computers in the Art History photo were on the internet. Woot!
2. Ohmygoodness I miss it!
3. Fondue : )
4. That picture of Dr. Anderson's son playing the violin....awesome!
5. JOEY!

American Bavarian Exchange said...

We miss you!


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