February 01, 2011

Student Blog by Rachel Lyda: German Food

Rachel & Mandy @ Neuschwanstein Castle
So long skinny...

Today I embraced my biggest fear of studying abroad in Germany...packing on the pounds! It seems no matter how hard I have worked to avoid the delicious yet fattening pastries and bratwurst, it never fails that we have something scrumptious at every meal...I just can't get enough! Since our meals are spread out from 7am, 12pm and then 6pm...There is no snacking in between unless it is bought outside of what's provided. Since I'm poor, that doesn't happen very often. So I have found eating is something I look forward to more than I ever thought I would! Anyway, here's a description of what my German meals have looked like...

Breakfast: Fresh sliced meats and cheeses, various whole grain and white rolls, occasionally pretzels, strawberry and apricot yogurt, granola with chunks of chocolate or dried fruit, sliced apples and bananas, different jellies, NUTELLA, and an assortment of teas and coffee (kaffe).

Lunch: Typically a vegetarian meal, like soup and bread or rice with gravy, but occasionally there is meat paired with mashed potatoes, or hot dogs, sausage, and last week, we had crepes with powdered sugar on them! They were delicious. You could also put cinnamon sugar on them, or applesauce, nutella or different types of jelly.

Dinner: Always delicious! It has been anywhere from pastas, to potatoes and different kinds of meat, rice casseroles, sausage, pizza, ribs..The possibilities are endless! And for dessert, there either is fruit, or Bavarian Creme pudding (my favorite), chocolate pudding or ice cream!


kLr said...

The chocolate mousse is the best!
And, I miss Tony(i)!!!
Oh, my, word. I want to be back in Germany!!

Kelley, have they been introduced to Aldi yet? And Lidl? Lidl has the best deal on Ritter Sport Chocolate!!

American Bavarian Exchange said...

Yes, Aldi happened the very first day of orientation. I think the group favorite was the pretzel vending machine. I'll let everyone know about Lidl. Thanks girly!


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