September 27, 2010

Fall Semester Update by AMBEX Director: Jerry Orr

AMBEX Fall 2010 in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Month One!
We are pleased to report by God’s grace our Fall 2010 semester is well underway.
Nine students from Corban University (anchor institution), Columbia Int’l U., Philadelphia Biblical U., George Fox U., The Master’s College and Grace College arrived September 4th!
In a few short weeks students have been oriented to Regensburg, Bavaria  and the customs, manners and geography of Germany.  They are accustomed to using public transportation (bus, train, plane), using the Regensburg University Library, German menus, appliances, bicycles, shopping, etc.
They have attended High Point Baptist Church (serving US Military families) and two German churches i.e. “Herders” Protestant and St. Peter’s, Catholic and heard Dr. Anderson (below) give two sterling chapel messages.
We have also made day trips to Germany’s top tourist attractions – Neuschwanstein Castle, the walled medieval city of Rothenburg and a cruise on the Danube River to Walhalla.
Students have recently completed their first ‘core’ course - Christian Worldview, superbly taught by Dr. Timothy Anderson, Corban University.  A highlight of this course was our 4-day Philosophers & Poets academic tour of Weimar “Athens of Germany” and home of Goethe, Schiller, Herder, Nietzsche,  Franz Liszt and J.S. Bach. 
A Weimar bonus was the evening interview of a former East German woman who lived in the city during the communist era.  
A few memorable quotes:
 “We thought life was pretty good but after the reunification with W. Germany realized it was all a lie.”   
“Religion was allowed but the [communist] leadership scheduled competing interest e.g. sports, recreation, etc., to choke out church activities.” 
"We had plenty of money, the only problem was that there wasn't anything we could buy with it."
A visit to Buchenwald Concentration Camp on the outskirts of Weimar helped students’ juxtaposition our Christian Worldview with all other world views in an unforgettable ‘classroom’.
We are encouraged with comments thus far:
“This is the most meaningful instruction I’ve received in college.”
“What I have learned in this course will take months and years to process but will change my life forever.”
“I like the course format and schedule, being able to focus on only one or two courses at a time helps my understanding and retention.”
“The coursework is rigorous but very rewarding”.
“Enjoy the meals . . . Really like Regensburg and Bavaria!"
And a few glitches but all in God’s providence e.g. late arriving textbooks for our next course Reformation History and slow internet speed in our Student Inn classroom.
Prayer Matters:
1.       Outreach opportunities and courage to share our faith among our German hosts, especially in the Student Inn
2.       Patience and purity among a cultured but lost society
3.       The safety, health and spiritual welfare of our students, professors and staff
Thank you all for your support!

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