March 12, 2010

AMBEX Shout Out from Corban College's Dr. Trull!

I could fill pages of stirring prose describing the ocean, but no thesaurus can capture the salty spray, thunderous roar or bottomless blue of the sea. You have to experience it for yourself. A student can read about the Reformation and the Renaissance, watch movies about Nazi Germany or pore over maps of the Alps. All these still pale in comparison to studying in the land of world changers. Ambex takes students to the land of these world changers.
Ambex is the study abroad program of Corban College designed to introduce students to Germany and surrounding Europe. People who have lived here before have shaped much of our culture today. You cannot understand psychology without studying Freud. The Reformation without Calvin and Luther is hollow. The contribution of Beethoven and Bach to music is inestimable. And our world was changed forever by Hitler, Bonhoeffer and Niemöller. Ambex takes you to their doorsteps to study their lives and impacts.
The Ambex Worldview class examines and biblically evaluates the fundamental philosophies upon which most current worldviews build. The course examines the philosophies of Naturalism, Pantheism and Theism and their influence on views such as Nihilism, Nazism, Buddhism and Islam. The implications of these philosophies on perspecitves of life, work, home, happiness, sex, suffering and death are discussed. Particular attention is given to the role German and Austrian thinkers have played in shaping contemporary worldviews.

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