February 06, 2010

AMBEX Impressions: Nicole Scheuerman

Last Monday and Tuesday we didn’t do much for traveling, we had a little break so that was really nice. On Tuesday, we were all craving Mexican food so we went out for dinner. After dinner, Courtney, Dalton, and I went to our favorite place. Once we got done, I put my coat on the table behind me while I was getting up. Courtney was like “NICOLE!” I turn around and I had knocked the menu onto the candle on the table behind me and there was a huge flame! I was just staring at it and the guy from across the room had to spring across to put it out! And then it was smoking and we didn’t want the smoke detectors to go off so Dalton grabbed it and threw it outside into the snow. Oh man, it was hilarious. And then we got back to the hostel and we watched Sissy (spelling!) which was fun. It was in German so Kelley translates it for us. It is 3 parts and hopefully we’ll be able to finish it before we go to Vienna this upcoming Sunday! Wednesday was Andrew’s birthday where we had a little party. Kelley made a SUPER good banana cake. And Jerry’s wife also made a cake that was scrumptious. Basically, I stuffed myself! On Thursday we took a day trip to Nuremberg. We left in the morning to go to the train station and our train was delayed. It was suppose to arrive in 10 minutes and some people wanted to go get coffee. It probably wasn’t the bestest idea in the world but they went. Right after they left our train arrived so the rest of us boarded the train. Right before it was about to leave, we see Lisa, Heather, Tanner sprinting towards the train and they get through the doors. Chris was like, “wouldn’t it be funny if the doors shut in between them?!” Right after he said that, the doors shut right before Jeff could get on. And then the train started to leave, so poor Jeff got left at the train station. The most ironic part was right we all got settled, a coffee cart went through! We had never seen one on a train and just the day that it decided to roll through our cart was the day Jeff missed the train for coffee. In Nuremberg we went to the Germanic Museum. It was ginormous! We were there for several hours and we didn’t even get through half of it. Here are some of the coolest things I saw:

There were these glass phials from the Romans in the early Merovingian Period. They used these glass phials to collect tears and then they deposited the tears at burials to symbolize grief. They called these lacrimaria. Lacrima=tear.

On display, the 1st globe in the world was there. It was created by Martin Behaim and constructed before the discovery of America. On the globe, it had the findings of Pliny, Strabo, Marco Polo, and Ptomely. It had what kinds of plants and animals were in each region, it was amazing!

They also had rooms that were set up with the type of furniture from different time periods. Rooms were dedicated to the different clothing styles within the different decades. They also had a room dedicated to music and the different instruments. Unfortunately, we were running out of time so we kind of ran through the exhibits.

We had some time before our train left so we all split up to get food. We were going to get Doners but it was freezing outside so we wanted to go someplace warm. On the way to the museum I saw a Pizza Hut! So Courtney and I ate there. Oh-my-Lanta it was sooo good! Just the other night I was in Lisa and Heather’s room talking about how I was craving pizza!

So many things have happened within the last week that if I recorded them all, my fingers would fall off. But for the most part, you readers got the general jest. This weekend is Vienna and the following week is Paris! But now I must be a diligent student and go read. Until we meet again.

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