January 20, 2010

Welcome to Regensburg!

On Saturday all the students arrived early in Munich, and with all their baggage!

On a snowy, windy Sunday morning we walked to the main Catholic service at the Cathedral. The effect it had on students and their understanding of Romanism in the context of the Reformation will serve them well with upcoming classes and their future ministries. Amidst the 'cold' cathedral/service we got to see hear the Regenburg Boys Choir - 2nd only to the Vienna Boys choir. What a beautiful sound! In subsequent Sunday's we look forward to attending local Protestant (English speaking) services --getting to know our hosts and share our testimonies and knowledge of the gospel.

Weekday mornings after breakfast we start with a time of devotion and prayer following by three hours of lecture. Students presently are learning about the German history, culture, customs, manners and geography. In the course of this morning we had an extemporaneous guest speaker - a German 8th grade school teacher who spoke for 90' about the German education system, German youth, parenting, social welfare system, etc. Our students were very attentive and intrigued with what she had to say.

This afternoons field trip - we visited, walked to the City of Churches - Ratisbon/Regensburg from our nearby Student Inn. So many remarkable Catholic and Protestant churches from the 8th century to present. Incredible architecture and history! Students are growing exponentially in their understanding of this culture, the spiritual battles, ministry opportunities, etc. - and we've hardly begun!

This evening a couple of Ambex students played guitar and sang Christian songs to a group of 35 German teenagers here in the Youth Hostel. The response was incredible! Many came up afterwords to ask about the lyrics, where they can get that music, whether Dalton McNeeley has been on American Idol :-) yet, etc. I had three opportunities to share the gospel with the teachers of that group this evening. Please pray for follow-up and many more opportunities to come.

Tomorrow afternoon's field trip--we will walk about the City of Dukes and Emperors - Ratisbon/Regensburg. With this tour students will better understand the issues surrounding church and state. This is an amazing city - a diamond in the rough for most Americans. It's history is very pertinent with contemporary issues in the church today.

Thursday we travel to Rothenburg odT - Germany's best preserved Medieval town and the Martyrs museum. Students will experience what it cost in terms of torture and martyrdom to be a devout follower of Christ in the dark and middle ages - up until 1809 in Bavaria.

Friday afternoon after class we're going Ice Skating. Saturday - Neuschwanstein Castle 'Disney'. Sunday - High Point Baptist Church (Military Community Church) and Amberg for 'Windbeutels' or Giant Creme Puffs.

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