March 14, 2008

Student Post: Wright

A note by Heidi Wright, AmbEx student from Eternity Bible College

All three of us (Angela Eberly, Tim Krug, and myself) are glad we volunteered to help out at Club Beyond. It's always different, and it's always a bit outside of the comfort zone, but it's never boring. I am amazed at how fast the time goes when we are there. Each week, I'm anxious in both a good and bad way to see what games we’ll have. All of us are expected to participate, so I just shove out any thoughts of "no way!" for those few hours.

We share a meal with the students – this week was a much-needed taco bar (this is the longest I have gone in my life without Mexican food!) – before a short lesson. This week, we covered I Corinthians 13. Afterwards, we have 'Beyond Club'- basically small group time, where this week we discussed 'how do you define love?' and 'what doyou look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend?' I was impressed with my group; No one was silent and sometimes everyone was talking at once! No one answered superficially to the boyfriend/girlfriend question, and many of the guys said that they wanted someone who would be there for them, not be a 'princess', let them be a gentleman, and be their equal. There were a lot of good discussions. I think I learn as much as any one on Tuesday nights.

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