January 29, 2008

Student Post: Krug

A note by Timothy Krug, AmbEx student from Moody Bible Institute

Before enrolling in the program, I had the pleasure of a personal interview with Jerry Orr, Director of AmbEx. In this conversation, he explained to me the program’s general aims. First, he told me that he desired the students in AmbEx to be Christ’s representatives to the lost people of Amberg. Second, he expressed his desire for the students to travel as much as possible. Third, he emphasized his high standard of academics for AmbEx.

This week, I have had numerous learning experiences, and I’ve even been presented with a magnificent ministry opportunity on a nearby Military Base to high school children of Army soldiers.

In Amberg, the people have been extremely genial and helpful, true to their Bavarian culture. These warm welcomes have made me feel quite at home. Ninety days suddenly seems far shorter than it did before I left home.

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