December 01, 2007

Classroom, Living & Meals - Update

The Free Christian Church (German/Russian) of Amberg is providing classroom and administrative space to AmbEx starting in January 2008. The classroom will be arranged seminar style with tables and chairs. Other facilities on the 2nd floor include additional classrooms, bathrooms, shower, laundry, kitchen and a large fully furnished dorm room.

Comfortable, clean and secure. AmbEx students will be separated by gender and in different facilities e.g. private apartment and dormitory setting above the Free Christian Church.

The private apartment includes two large fully furnished bedrooms, a full bathroom and half bathroom plus a kitchen/dining/family room (all in one). The visiting professor may be staying in the second bedroom.

The 'Dormitory' setting has a large bedroom with bunk beds and closets. Across the hall – bathrooms, shower, laundry and kitchen area.

Students at either location will be within walking distance of shopping, dining, libraries, gym, parks, indoor swimming, churches and much more. Public transportation and bicycles are alternative ways of getting around town. German Laws, e.g. quiet hours, are respected.

MEALS: Breakfast and either lunch or dinner will usually be served at the dormitory (above). The third/main meal of the day will usually be served at an eatery or restaurant or catered. Snacks and beverages will also be available throughout the day.

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